jeudi 18 octobre 2012

Christina Kubisch conférence à Bergen Norvège

Ephemeral Sustainability A conference about presenting, documenting, collecting and archiving sound based contemporary art. Bergen October 31st – November 3rd 2012. The field of contemporary sound based art has grown to encompass a large number of practices that include amongst others, installation, sculpture, electronic art, performance, kinetic art and music. From being an experimental field in opposition to both the concert arena and the gallery context, it has developed its own tradition with festivals, art spaces, galleries and curators around the world dedicated to its production and presentation. There are a growing number of emerging artists working in the field and a vast development of new art concentrating on issues related to sound. Because sound art installations are in general site-and situation specific, relating to the atmosphere and the physical, social, historical, architectural and a lot of other characteristics of the presentation space, a sound installation can not be transferred one to one into another space. And because of the ephemeral nature of many of these art works, the discussion rises on how to preserve them for the past and how to present them to collectors and museums. Is it only through documentation and human witness reports that this art can be appreciated in hindsight, or are there other strategies to strengthen the bonds to the past? Is this field of art in its nature and ideology impossible to transport, collect and re act, or does it have a potential in more traditional art collections and museums? Do we need a new practice and new venues to collect and present this art or is it possible within the frames of already existing structures and organisations? The conference Ephemeral Sustainability will look at these questions from different angles. Over three days a number of lectures and sessions will follow discussions and examples of “good practice” and possible standardisations. The content of the conference will take advantage of the Resonance network.

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