jeudi 20 octobre 2011

Christina Kubisch et Robin Minard à Berlin

Galerie Mario Mazzoli presents

Silence. Silent?

Christina Kubisch Robin Minard

Vernissage: Friday, October 21st, 7pm

Potsdamer Str. 132, Berlin

The exhibition of Robin Minard and Christina Kubisch brings together two artists who study forms of silence in their works. What makes this pairing particularly interesting is that Minard has a direct approach to silence with his installations and video works that evoke it in their mere delicate, almost fragile appearance, while Kubisch deals with silence in a more conceptual manner, using surprising technology and activating the audience [...] The works in the exhibition form a space where silence and sound, nature and technology, flow in and out of our ears and eyes. The attention of the audience will shift between the visual and the auditive. The soundscape of our daily life usually requires blocking out a great deal of sounds and noise in order to be sensitive to what we really want and need to hear. In their works, Robin Minard and Christina Kubisch offer a different act of listening, where every sound is relevant. So think of silence, and start listening. Silja Lehtonen

Galerie Mario Mazzoli
Potsdamer Str. 132, 10783

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