dimanche 23 mai 2010

No noise no life

« We live in an image-driven culture, but sound and music make up our identities. Sound is emotive : It’s language, and forms our identity… It also explains why this online project aims to refine how we listen. Take this "ear clearing" exercise, as Sweeney calls it, for an example: "Leave your home. Stand still for five minutes. Listen. Then, on sheet of paper, write down everything you heard. Our soundscape is one of the best descriptors of our time, place and culture. »

Hugues Sweeney, a director and advisor for Écologie sonore, a new French-language web documentary by the NFB that exposes the scale of noise pollution, explores many perspectives on it and invites us to fine-tune our senses.

To learn more, explore the doc's soundscapes and join the discussion, visit http://ecologiesonore.onf.ca.

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